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Independent level-based and progressive tennis events aiming 

to improve the competitive landscape for players of all

ages and skill levels.


The Progress Tour

The Progress Tour is an independent series of level-based and progressive tennis events, which are ideal for any tennis player seeking a little more from their competition. The tour seeks to provide increased playing and earning opportunities for aspiring young tennis players, as well as current and former professional players.

The tour offers competitive opportunities to every level of player, with all results being submitted to Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) and the World Tennis Number (WTN). In 2022, The Progress Tour will launch new circuits both nationally and internationally, and continue to provide prize money events and Wildcard opportunities for British players.


Five to six-day open events offering significant earning opportunities and a minimum of three level-based matches.


Two-day events for players of all levels using a tiered system offering prize money and a chance at a bonus prize at the end of year.


Sports; Tennis; Progress Tour; Tournament; Prize Money
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Tennis; Tournament; Prize Money; Adult; UK
Sports; Tennis; Progress Tour; Prize Money
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Tennis; Tournament; The Progress Tour; Prize Money
The Progress Tour; Tennis; Tournament; Prize Money

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