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Looking ahead to 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

In 2017, The Progress Tour set out to fill a void that existed in the British Tennis landscape; there was a distinct lack of earning opportunities for British players on home soil; and player support was limited to just a select few. Three years on, and that void is still all too evident with too few ranking and prize money events on offer to players, relative to a nation of our extensive resources. In this period, The Progress Tour has seen over 1,200 players compete in over 3,000 level-based and progressive matches, and paid out over £40,000 in prize money, all of which independently sourced, and privately funded. A more objective player support network is pivotal, providing every British player with the same opportunities.

Things are looking brighter as we head into 2020, with more events and opportunities across the British Tennis Calendar. For the Progress Tour, there are some exciting changes afoot with a new Wild-Card Series to complement the British Tour Premier and Pro Series events; a number of Progress Tour International Events; a premium National Doubles Tour soon to be announced, a new calendar of US College Academic Preparatory Camps, and a broader calendar of Progress Tour One Day Shootout events around the Country. In 2020 alone, The Progress Tour, and partners, will pay out over £60,000 in prize money to British Tennis players, and provide the opportunity for players to earn player support.

The Tour is ideal for any tennis player seeking a little more from their competition, and seeks to provide increased playing and earning opportunities for aspiring young tennis players, as well as current and former professional players. There are events to suit every level of player – click to find an event to suit you!

The objective of the Tour is to;

NURTURE the next generation of British player, by means of improving the quality of competition and increasing prize money and Wild-card opportunities.

EMPOWER and enable all British players to feel they can earn their way in the game, on a level playing field

RETAIN – Improve retention of players in the game, by providing a healthy and viable competitive structure for national and international level players

INTEGRATE – Bring players young, old, male and female together to participate in level-based competition

GALVANISE the support of individuals, companies, clubs and coaches to get behind a generation of British players

Ratings are used to underpin and structure draws, but by design, will not be visible or published. With results now being submitted to both the Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) system, as well as the incoming World Tennis Number (WTN), Progress Tour events cater for those players seeking to go to the US on College scholarships, as well as those looking to stay within the domestic competitive framework.

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