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Progress Tour One dayers -Shootouts and Battles Events

The Benefits of Leved-based play...

The Progress Tour one day events are aimed at providing competitors with three short format, level-based quality matches, with players grouped in small draws based on their current UTRs.

To achieve level-based matches, we aim to group players within a max range of ideally 1.0 UTR of one another. The closer in range we can make this, the more we can achieve truly level-based competition, giving the players the chance to play against opponents who are: a) slightly below, b)the same level and c) slightly above - all of which are instrumental facets of player development.

Formats of the one day events are split between Shootouts and Battles (as seen above). Shootouts are small 4 player Round Robin groups played out to completion, with Battles pitched as 8 player tournament draws, that provide divisional winners with progressive opportunities at their next Battles events. The one day events are cross-age and cross-gender, meaning that opponents are matched up based on their level, rather than by age or gender. This makes for an inclusive format, enabling juniors and adult club players alike to compete together. (

We are excited to develop strategic partnerships with a limited number of organisations around the UK to help deliver a range of Progress Tour events, from the Shootout and Battles events to Doubles only events, and week-long, inclusive Tennis Festivals. For more information on how to get involved, please drop us an email...

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