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Progress Tour Events

The Series: Welcome

Shootouts & Battle Events

One Day Shootout events are aimed at giving 2-3 high quality UTR & WTN Level-based matches in a single day event, negating the need for extensive travel and unnecessary cost. Level-based competition has been proven to be the most beneficial tool for player enjoyment and development. 

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Student of The Game
Training Camps

Intensive camps in partnership with Tennis Smart - Camps offer players the opportunity for off court learning from expert SAT/ACT tutors, physical preparatory camps with S&C coaches, on court training with top coaches, workshops and seminars with current/former college players, plus US college style dual match ups, giving each player 3 UTR/WTN matches, and a taste of college tennis life. 

Team Champs

An integrative mixed team event inviting U12, U16, and open elite level players to participate in two days of singles, doubles, and mixed doubles matches. The aim of Team Champs is to cross the boundaries between junior and elite pro level tennis by offering the unique opportunity for junior players to be mentored by and learn from pro players. 

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The Progress Tour

Whatever your age or stage, there is an event out there to suit every level of player.

Read below to find an event to suit you...

Prize Money Events

A series of larger prize money events providing a minimum of three level-based and progressive matches with at least £5,500 in prize funds available per event. We aim to maximize the players' earning and learning experiences by offering multiple specialist workshops and guest speakers throughout the event. 

The Mini Challenger Tour

The Mini Challenger Tour offers a unique integrated individual and team competition format for children of all levels of experience aged 6 to 11 years old. The Mini Challenger Tour provides events for junior players in multiple venues across the world.

Compete & Earn Events

A new series providing high quality competition with more player support and earning opportunities for British players of all levels. We've developed a system which pools players of a similar level together in the same draw. All events will take place over two days, providing each player with four long format matches.

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