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The Progress Tour was set up in 2017 to give aspiring British players more earning opportunity on home soil. Since its inception, the tour has seen over 1200 players take part in over 3000 level-based and progressive UTR matches, and paid out over £40,000 in prize money, all of which has been independently sourced, and privately funded.


The motivation for the tour stems from a belief that the competitive structure in the UK under provides for our aspiring players; and that there is a lack of legitimate opportunity for players to earn prize money and player support in the UK; all of which, is to the detriment of the the broader health of the British game.

The tour continues to grow, and in 2020 will offer British players the opportunity to earn over £30,000 in prize money, as well as substantial player support, in terms of Wild-card opportunities. Every effort is made to reduce the financial burden on travelling players and parents with player hospitality offered at events.


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