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The Summer Series Is Right Around The Corner...

Summer is almost here, and along with that comes the start of The Progress Tour Summer Series! The Progress Tour will host its first prize money event of the Summer Season at the Queenswood School in Hatfield. The Claycourt Championships is just the first of a series of larger prize money events this Summer with a total of £5,500 in prize funds to be awarded during the four-day tournament. The event will take place June 2nd - 5th and welcomes both male and female players with a UTR of 5.0 or higher. All the match results will be submitted towards Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) and World Tennis Number (WTN).

Our goal at The Progress Tour is to offer innovative playing and earning opportunities for tennis players of diverse levels and ages. All Progress Tour events not only offer a larger prize pot than in previous years, but also provide every competitor with a minimum of three level-based matches AND specialist workshops throughout.

Summer Swing Series 2021

June will be 'jam-packed' with more Progress Tour playing and earning opportunities as two similar events will be hosted at the Woodford Wells Club from June 14th to 18th and at the Redhill Tennis Club from June 22nd to 26th. Both of these events will also have a total of £5,500 of prize money and will start out with a qualifying compass draw for lower UTR players early in the event, followed by a regular main draw format for the remainder of both tournaments.

On June 28th, we will kick-off the last event of the Summer Swing Series... The Showcase Event at the Sutton Tennis & Squash Club, once again sponsored by Tennis Smart, is a six-day event (28th June - 3rd July) and will award the largest prize of the Season. A total of £10,000 will be up for grabs with an additional earning opportunity for London based athletes, provided by James Josef Bandanas. For all three Summer Swing events, the Men's and Women's events will be run as separate singles events, with equal prize money opportunities across the events.

We believe for these events to have a truly positive impact on clubs, there needs to be a cohesive and integrated approach, making the event attractive to club members and local players, as well as aspiring junior and professional players. Each event will operate a Charity Pro-am or Tie-Break Tens style event during the week, bringing together players of all levels to compete for local causes.

Team Champs 2021:

This Summer, the Progress Tour presents The Team Champs a unique integrative mixed team event with 12U, 16U, and Pro Elite Level Categories from July 8th-10th in Hatfield! Four teams of two female and two male players in each category will battle it out to be crowned team champions. With great prize money, and player opportunities up for grabs, it looks set to be an exciting few days of team tennis.

Our aim at the Team Champs event is to cross the boundaries between junior and professional tennis by assigning one Elite Level Player to each junior team as a mentor/captain and by offering a unique opportunity for our up and coming top junior players to brush shoulders with a crop of British professionals and Wimbledon players, learning from the experience of those that have gone before and getting a chance to watch their mentors battle it out on court at an intimate level. This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

We look forward to a Summer filled with tennis activities and hope to see you there!

To review full event and registration details, visit here

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