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The Babolat Cup UK in full swing...

A major motivation of The Babolat Cup UK - presented by The Progress Tour, is to seek a return to the heart of competition, creating positive experiences for young players as they embark on their tennis journeys.

We aim to do things differently, seeking to avoid the culture of chasing ratings/rankings, which has become commonplace in the youngest age groups. The pursuit of an ultimately meaningless number has become the object of domestic junior competition, rather than the bi-product of it.

In the absence of better guidance, signposting of opportunities and education as to the broader tennis landscape, it is difficult for young players and their parents to avoid getting caught on this 'treadmill'.

With ratings and rankings firmly in the background, The Babolat Cup aims to create an environment where players and parents alike, embrace the values of the circuit - from sportsmanship and inclusion, to the individual and team element of the events - all within a healthy competitive framework and a packed weekend of tennis.

Players enjoy a great experience on and off the court, following the circuit through the season and working their way up the leaderboard, in order to qualify for the Babolat Cup UK Masters Finals at The Edgbaston Priory Club, Birmingham - the home to The Babolat Cup since 2014.

All players will be treated to a first-class Masters event, with the players battling it out to be crowned The Babolat Cup UK Masters champions 2021, with the winners being given the opportunity to enjoy an all expenses paid week, training shoulder to shoulder with the Pros at The Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Mallorca.

A high-level 12U National Circuit, with increased high-quality competitive opportunities, played in a professional environment offering a wealth of positive experiences for the players.

To find out more about the circuit, and how to enter the next round of events, please click here

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