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The Progress Tour is swinging into Spring!

Last week, The Progress Tour saw no less than 161 matches being played out across three venues spanning the full length of the British Isles, from the southern Surrey borders in Redhill, to the northern reaches of Scotland at Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder - and the fabulous Edgbaston Priory Club, bang in the middle of the country in Birmingham.

On Wednesday, we kicked off our £5,000 prize money event on our first visit to the Priory Club, where 50 players ranging from 7.00 to 13.00 UTR, took to the courts and showcased some incredible tennis. Coming out on top on finals day was former ATP 200 player Vijay Sundar Prashanth of India. After a 2.5 hour battle in the semi-finals over top seed and local favourite Mason Recci, Prashanth put in a commanding performance in the final to overcome 4th Seed Michale Shaw with a pair of twos. He walked away with £1,000 in his pocket for the two day Tableau event! Our next £10,000 prize money event in Cromer in June will go live next week, so stay tuned for more details...

As Prashanth was being crowned Champion in Birmingham, our Compete & Earn events rolled into action in Redhill and Gleneagles, as both events saw new players swoop in to take the spoils, which see's some movement on our leaderboard.

In Redhill, Eliot Glaysher won our Tier I event by taking out Kristian Newman 6-3 6-3 in the finals, and Tier III saw Jay Tarrant remain unbeaten, with five out of five wins after the round robin format!

Eliot Glaysher said of the event, "It was an enjoyable event that seemed to have a friendly relaxed atmosphere, yet provided full set, competitive matches over a weekend. Tournaments that provide this seem to be rare at present. Also due to the tiered system, everyone gets a more enjoyable experience, playing within a group with closer rated players, rather than earlier round mismatches in some events."

The Progress Tour made its first foret to Scotland, and what better venue to kick off with than the impressive Gleneagles Hotel, just north of Stirling. The event hosted two 16 player draws in the Tier II and Tier III events, with visiting teams from England and Ireland joining the local contingent. After a thriller of a final in Tier II, Eoin Quinn came out victorious against Sam Park 6-7 6-3 10-8, and in Tier III, Daniel Buckle took the spoils, winning against Chenming Dong.

This weekend, we will be heading back to our home soil at the Training Base in Brighton for a Tier I and Tier III Compete & Earn event. There's still a few spots available, so sign up to the event HERE! We only have two more months of Compete & Earn events coming up before taking a summer break, so sign up now to book your spot in the Compete & Earn Series, and a chance to scoop a share of the player support fund and valuable circuit points. The series will resume in late September, with final leaderboard positions decided in late 2022. To see full details of the Compete & Earn Series and how our £40,000 player support fund helps to support a wider pool of players, visit our series page here.

  • Tier I & II @ Cardiff (2-3 April)

  • Tier I & II @ Hallamshire (9-10 April)

  • Tier I & II @ Redhill (16-17 April)

  • Tier II & III @ Brighton (23-24 April)

  • See all events...

Sign up today before you miss out!

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