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We have an exciting announcement! Parents of young tennis loving kids read on...

If you follow The Progress Tour on social media, you may well have noticed a flurry of activity over the last few weeks, surrounding the launch of an exciting new project. We have now launched The Mini Challenger Tour - a new values-driven tennis circuit for young players, incorporating a unique individual and transient team format, and played across the full range of ball colours for players aged 6 - 11 years old.

The circuits are a little different - following an easy to understand scoring format with timed matches, that encourages players to compete from start to finish. Players compete for themselves, as well as for their teammates, with community, sportsmanship and camaraderie at the heart of the event. Events also offer players the opportunity to learn, self-reflect, and test themselves with our off court challenges. Our goal is to provide every player and parent with a positive (and equivalent) experience - win, lose or draw!

Alongside these new events, we have also launched the MCT Parent Support Programme, an educational platform led by Judy Murray for parents of young tennis players. Read below for more information...

The Mini Challenger Tour

September 1st saw the launch of the exciting new 11 & Under kids tennis competition, offering festival-style events with an integrative format that includes both an individual and team format for players to enjoy. We have partnered with key clubs, venues and organisations across both the UK and further afield, to deliver localised Team Red, Orange, and Green events with fun off-court activities, challenges, and learning opportunities. Learn more about The Mini Challenger Tour by watching the video below, and navigate to our landing page to find out more about playing opportunities in your part of the World. We are only just beginning, with more exciting partner announcements to come...

MCT Parent Support Programme

Alongside The Mini Challenger Tour events and circuits, we have also launched a new parent education programme led by Judy Murray, aimed at supporting parents as they guide their children through the early stages of their sporting journey. When it comes to navigating the early days of junior tennis, parents are faced with a myriad of choices and challenges at every turn. Parents are often left to their own devices on this, with an expectation that they will know how to navigate the various systems, and overcome the innumerable challenges that pop up along the way.

The Progress Tour and its partners, draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide a platform that supports the tennis parent community through an important stage of their child’s enjoyment and development! The program is aimed at providing more support, advice and guidance to help parents, help their children along the tennis journey.

See what we having coming up in the first month of the Parent & Player Support Programme and get access to all of it with a 30-day FREE trial - open to ALL!

Introductions from our Ambassador and Partners:

Spread the news, sign up to a Mini Challenger Tour event, and sign up for your free trial now! If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a Mini Challenger Tour partner, please reach out to!

See you on court!

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